WiNNit 1st AMA Digest: Frequently Asked Questions

2 min readOct 4, 2022

Hi WiNNers! The AMA held on Monday eventually came to a successful conclusion! In this AMA, our Chief Strategy Officer Andy well answered many valuable questions regarding WiNNit platform. We have prepared a text version of featured FAQs here for those frens who could not attend the wonderful meeting.

Would other cryptocurrencies be used to place bets apart from WiNNit token?

The answer is yes! There will be an option where bettors can choose from many mainstream cryptocurrency assets such as $ETH,$BTC, and stablecoins like $USDC,$USDT, $BUSD.

When is the website going to be fully optimized?

The website is going to be fully optimized later this month, which means the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will expectly to be available by the end of October.

Is WiNNit going to partner with other projects?

Yes! WiNNit is actively partnering with many decent projects on Blockchain. Additionally, we are expanding the collab team by absorbing experienced experts who lead the sourcing, connections, and facilitation of our collaborations with other solid projects across multiple fields on Web3.

How would the team ensure that the users of the platform are of legal age?

Once entering the website, users must confirm they meet the minimum age to participate in sports betting. In future updates, we may implement some restrictions on age, including integration with third-party KYC service providers, etc.

I saw something like Peer-to-Peer betting as part of the features of WiNNit. Please can you speak more on that?

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network, WiNNit based on blockchain is a truly decentralized betting platform. WiNNit provides its users with a truly fair betting environment since there is no third-party involvement and market manipulation. The platform doesn’t involve in any bet and has no control over the user’s data, the odds etc.

Will WiNNit incorporate combat sport?

Our goal is to incorporate as many sports as possible. The popularity of competitive fighting sports such as MMA is growing worldwide. In order to support more types of sports, our tech team will devote more resources to the development process.




WiNNit is a decentralized sports betting platform that allows users to securely bet anytime, anywhere, and receive timely incentives.