2 min readDec 3, 2022

In few days back, we have seen many scenes regarding the cryptocurrency market that keep influencing and controlling the market condition.

As we all known that financial news and updates always affect the market in general.

Here are the bulletin points of the major scenes that happened during the week.

  • An arrest warrant for Terra co-founder Daniel Shin has been dismissed by a Korean court, according to Yonhap News By @NelWang
  • - Elon Musk revealed wild ‘$1 Billion’ democrat donation theory tfter Bitcoin and Crypto exchange collapse. Far more than the near-$40 million that’s been reported.
  • - The Industry Giant News outlet warned Investors not to use NEXO to avoid another BLOCKFI, after discovered that they offer extremely high yield rate while every counterparts offers low.
  • - Apple & Google threatened to remove twitter from its apps store and it was revealed that Apple has stopped advertising on twitter.
  • - Coinbase announced it wallet will stop supporting $XRP, $BCH, $ETC, $XLM as from December 5,2022.
  • - JUSTIN SUN, the Founder of $TRON ecosystem announced his strategy partnership with Dominica 🇩🇲 government to jointly launch first World’s national token #DMC on TRON (Dominica Coin).
  • - Largest NFT Marketplace, OpenSea were excited to announce that they have integrated BNB chain & is officially live on Opensea.
  • - Silvergate Capital quickly distance itself from the now bankrupt crypto lender BlockFi.
  • - SBF confirmed FTX-US users will get 100% refund of their money.
  • - There was a fud around Kucoin for giving Extremely High APY for $ETH staking but they quickly clear the FUD.
  • - Indonesia’s central bank announces plan launch digital rupiah (CDBC).
  • - Crypto Lender Genesis, said they are trying to avoid bankruptcy, following a request of $1B emergency loan.
  • - Kraken Crypto Exchange has fired 30% of it’s staff.
  • - Telegram announced to build decentralized #crypto exchange and wallet.
  • - Brazil passed law to legalize cryptocurrencies as payment method within the country.
  • - 🇺🇸 Texas Court ordered SBF to appear in court for hearing on February 2nd, 2023.
  • - Experts said BlockFi bankruptcy wiped out billions of USD for 400,000 Americans and investors.
  • - 🇮🇹 italy to impose 26% capital gain tax on bitcoin for profits €2,000 starting in 2023.
  • - Apple blocked coinbase wallet app release, requested for 30% of all NFT transfer gas fees.
  • - 🇷🇺 Russia’s largest bank Sber, added support for MetaMask on its blockchain.

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