Hello WiNNers,

1 min readNov 10, 2022

We quite belief many of us are going through alot during this recent ugly scenes of FTX and inability of Binance to bail them out.

Unfortunately, Many of our people( friends and family) assets has been trapped inside FTX fall out.

We are using this medium to send love ❤️ and comfort 🥰 to everyone that was affected. Know that if you need someone to speak to, we are here for you and Our DM is always open.

If you know someone that was affected, please comfort them and spread love to each one of them ❤️.

Definitely, this phase shall pass and we shall overcome the pain. This current situation is a stain on entire crypto space and might definitely result to stiff regulations from governments across the world.

Be calm WiNNers, We might be on the wrong train but definitely we’re on the right track.

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