#Bookie NFT’s profit model and appreciation potential

6 min readOct 29, 2022


# Features and core competitiveness of the WiNNit platform

As a blockchain-based gaming platform, WiNNit has the advantages of almost all other blockchain gaming platforms, such as decentralization, fairness, security, open source information transparency, etc. In addition, the design and implementation of the WiNNit platform takes into account the usage habits of cryptocurrency investors and traditional gambling users.

## friendly user

Visually, the interface appearance of WiNNit is beautifully designed and attractive, and the first phase will focus on sports competitions, which will bring an immersive experience to betting users.

Functionally, WiNNit supports live betting to maximize the needs of gaming users.

In terms of gameplay, WiNNit betting odds are determined in the same way as traditional betting, rather than the way some platforms use currency-to-coin transactions. This kind of betting method of currency trading is easy to confuse traditional gambling users. In this betting method, the user needs to place an order according to the amount of his bet and his expected odds. If no other user takes the order, the bet may not be successful.

In terms of cost, users’ betting funds are recharged to WiNNit’s smart contract account, and users do not need to pay GAS fees when making safe bets and instant wins on mainstream blockchains. Of course, users can withdraw cash at any time, except for the betting funds that are participating. The smart contract account is completely managed by the smart contract, and no one can embezzle the user’s funds.

It is precisely because all aspects meet the interests and needs of users that the user-friendly WiNNit is **uniquely competitive** in the decentralized gaming market.

## Gaming clubs and WiNNit platform achieve each other

In addition to satisfying users, supporting the creation and operation of gaming clubs is another core competency of the WiNNit platform.

At present, there are many decentralized gaming platforms in the market, but there are few gaming platforms that can operate gaming clubs.

The user-friendly WiNNit will be more popular with operators even though other platforms can also run gaming clubs.

On the one hand, running a gaming club is a valuable opportunity for some who have resources in the gaming industry or in the crypto space. The resources, influence and support of the WiNNit platform can help gaming clubs gain expansion and operating benefits in the gaming and crypto industries.

On the other hand, the operators of gaming clubs, while converting their own resources into users, are also promoting and promoting WiNNit.

Gaming clubs and the user-friendly WiNNit achieve each other, which will bring WiNNit **stronger competitiveness**.

## A multi-win innovative profit model

The revenue of WiNNit is mainly distributed to gaming clubs (75%), followed by platforms, etc. Some of them are used to repurchase WITT tokens and burn them, thereby raising the price of WITT and better incentivizing ecological participants and investors . The innovative profit distribution model forms a win-win situation for all parties in the WiNNit ecosystem, thus making WiNNit **continuously competitive** in the gaming market.

#Bookie NFT and the profit model of gaming clubs

## Bookie NFTs

Bookie NFT is one of WiNNit’s core assets, representing the rights and value of gaming clubs. It avoids the new path of “decentralized” operation of gaming clubs, changes the traditional profit distribution method, and creates a new pattern of sports betting industry.

As a certificate of interest in WiNNit Gaming Club, Bookie NFT represents the ownership and management of the gaming club. Each Bookie NFT gives its holder the right to create and operate a gaming club.

As the value carrier of WiNNit Gaming Club, Bookie NFT is bound to the users of the club for a long time, thereby gaining value accumulation.

## Gaming Club

Anyone can open a Bookie club anytime, anywhere by holding Bookie NFT and staking a small amount of WITT. Neither KYC nor personal information such as ID, email or mobile number is required.

## Profit model

Operating Income — Sustained Passive Income

Bookie NFT owners can stake a certain amount of $WITT for a certain period of time to get 75% of the protocol revenue and 7.5% of the club member’s stake, without needing to spend energy and money on technical maintenance. As users continue to place bets, the club will soon achieve sustainable earnings and wealth growth

Transfer income — brand value realization

Since club owners can transfer their NFTs to others at any time, when Bookie NFTs are transferred, all users of their clubs are transferred with them. By transferring their Bookie NFTs, they can realize the value of the club. The brand influence and reputation brought about by the operation of the club will be converted into more profits after the transfer of the club. Users of the club are associated with the NFT. When you transfer an NFT, users will also be transferred with the NFT.


## Related Rights

  1. Realization of own resources

Whether you come from the traditional gaming industry or the crypto industry, you can give full play to your resource advantages, conduct independent marketing through online, offline and other channels, and invite users to bind gaming clubs. With the continuous betting of users, the club can obtain sustainable income and higher profits from its own resources.

2. Intelligent instant settlement

Profit settlement is automatically and instantly sent to the wallet of the club owner (Bookie NFT holder) via a blockchain smart contract. The entire settlement process is encrypted, decentralized, and cannot be tampered with. The WinNNit intelligent encryption system ensures accurate calculation of gaming club earnings and secure payment.

## Platform Support

  1. Support

The platform will be supported to acquire users and enable its club to operate smoothly.

2. Operation Rewards

The WiNNit platform provides various special operation incentives for gaming clubs, supports clubs to carry out various operation activities, and enhances club operation capabilities. For example, the promotion of the club’s exclusive official Twitter, joint quiz activities with the platform, and rewarding users, so as to obtain more efficient user growth.

3. Get Highlight Collectibles

Minting Bookie NFTs has a chance to receive Highlight Collectibles, another scarce valuable NFT asset from WiNNit. This NFT series consists of a limited number of wonderful moments of sports events, and has a strong collection value. Hold Highlight Collectibles and pledge a small amount of WITT to get an exclusive link, invite users to bind, and get a small amount of income dividends. Holders of Highlight Collectibles can give priority to experience the latest products and functions of the platform, and obtain the qualification for internal testing of platform updates.

Appreciation potential of #Bookie NFT

  1. Basic value

Gaming clubs can get the support of the WiNNit platform, display the gaming clubs on the platform’s official website and other channels to obtain basic users, and these basic users form the basic value of Bookie NFT.

With the expansion of the WiNNit ecosystem, the gradual increase in the influence of the platform can bring more help to gaming clubs, and the basic value of Bookie NFT will also gradually increase.

2. Incremental value

Clubs can use their own advantages (location advantages, influence advantages, etc.) to bring more user bindings to the club, thereby bringing larger-scale continuous benefits. Users are essentially bound to Bookie NFT, so the more users and the higher the quality of users (high bet frequency, large bet amount, etc.), the higher the incremental value of Bookie NFT.

3. Added value

Minting Bookie NFTs has a chance to receive Highlight Collectibles, which are valuable in themselves. In addition, holders of Highlight Collectibles can invite users to bind. After Highlight Collectibles is bound to Bookie NFT, these users are automatically bound to Bookie NFT, bringing more added value to Bookie NFT.

4. Great value

Since the WiNNit platform conforms to the interests and needs of the majority of users, and creating a gaming club on the WiNNit platform does not require any complicated procedures. Therefore, for those with gaming resources, purchasing Bookie NFT for creating and operating a gaming club has **just needs**.

Bookie NFT has a limited number and is a **scarce** asset. Blockchain-based NFT assets are fungible, unique, and their value and scarcity are protected by the blockchain.

As more and more users participate in the WiNNit ecosystem, and more and more WiNNit gaming clubs are established and developed, the demand for Bookie NFT is getting stronger and stronger, while the supply is decreasing. The value of NFTs has increased significantly.

User-friendly, capable of operating gaming clubs, and innovative profit distribution models that meet the interests and needs of users, clubs and other ecological participants, which are the uniqueness and core competitiveness of WiNNit. Based on this, users and gaming club operators will favor WiNNit more, resulting in economies of scale. In the WiNNit ecosystem, Bookie NFT, the most profitable, scarce and just-needed, has an inestimable value potential.




WiNNit is a decentralized sports betting platform that allows users to securely bet anytime, anywhere, and receive timely incentives.